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We are proud to offer live in-person training programs. Mix and match courses from the list below, or have us customize a training program specific to your organization’s needs. Take a moment to review the information below, and contact us with any inquiries.

What does Financial Planning & Analysis mean to your organization?

Is your finance team a business partner in you organization? Do they deliver actionable information at the speed your business moves?

As one of the largest areas in finance, FP&A plays a major role in almost every business. However there is no industry standard for the tools, techniques, or responsibilities of an FP&A professional.

The role of FP&A varies greatly from company to company, and it can include:

  • Performance reporting
  • Data management
  • GAAP accounting
  • Capital planning & project valuation
  • Operational & financial modeling
  • Project management
  • And much more!

How can you get the finance training and experience your business needs to succeed?

Currently, there is no industry-wide FP&A certification comparable to the CPA or CFA. Also, many financial training programs target accounting or investment banking but largely ignore the topics unique to FP&A. If you want to learn industry leading FP&A tools and techniques, then you need a program designed specifically for the FP&A professional.

Are you ready to take your finance team to the next level?

At Applied FP&A, we specialize in solutions for FP&A professionals. We offer best in class products for all areas of company finance, and our training programs cover the topics that are unique to FP&A.

Whether your team has new professionals or seasoned pros, we can equip them with the tools and training they need to deliver best in class service to the organization.

See the list of course offerings below, and get started today!



Each module and case study package includes a hands-on training presentation, a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, and sample Excel files. Mix and match courses from the list below, or have us customize a training program specific to your organization’s needs.



Each module provides a mini seminar on the topic of Excel, modeling, and FP&A. These courses provide the basic foundation that the case studies will build upon.

Module 1: Get Fast & Efficient with Excel!

  • Customizing your workspace
    • Permanently remove the clutter from your new workbooks
    • Set your preferences and save them as defaults
    • Customize the ribbon and formula bar
  • Speeding up your Excel skills
    • Navigate menus even faster than you ever thought possible
    • Use keyboard shortcuts to dramatically speed up your work
    • Free yourself from the mouse in just 60 seconds per day

Module 2: Design Effective Models

  • Use design techniques to put an end to t he “ready, fire, aim” process once and for all
  • Reduce errors by creating built in checks and control panels
  • Eliminate data errors and duplications by adding just 1 tab to your workbook
  • Write formulas using words instead of cell addresses
  • Create dynamic formulas that automatically grow along with your data

Module 3: Fill Your Excel Toolkit

  • Kick start your own toolkit with examples of more than 2 dozen real-world tools
  • Create “VLOOKUP” style formulas that can use 2, 3, or more criteria
  • Use 1 simple trick to eliminate the endless hours spent copying and pasting from Excel to PowerPoint
  • And much, much more!



Each case study provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to turn a blank page into a complete, fully-functional, professional grade business tool. The case studies are taught with the assumption that you have already mastered the basic skills found in the Modules.

Case Study: Discounted Cash Flow Models (NPV, IRR, ROI)

  • Learn how to build cash flow models that are designed specifically for FP&A projects rather than entity-level valuations
  • Create scalable, multi-year models based on investment types
  • Utilize sub-schedules for seasonality, tiered pricing, and hassle-free tax/depreciation recognition

Case Study: Capital Planning Process

  • Learn how to build develop a company-wide capital planning process
  • Align portfolio of projects with company strategy
  • Create business cases, prioritize projects, and determine feasibility

Case Study: 3D Budget Model

  • Learn how to build 3D models for multiple cost centers, accounts, projects, and more
  • Practice multiple consolidation methods and learn which is the best for each type of reporting need

Case Study: Scenario/Sensitivity Analysis Models

  • Learn how to build complex, multi-sheet sensitivity analyses
  • Create scenario analyses without the need for multiple files and versions
  • Use scenario analysis tools to model entire portfolios of assets, products, or cost centers at the touch of a button

Case Study: Intro to Project Management for Finance Professionals

  • Learn the 5 process steps used to manage finance projects
  • Utilize dozens of tools and templates that will lead you step-by-step from the initiation of the project through the final close and handover

Case Study: Depreciation and Lease Models

  • Learn how to build a model that can calculate over 50,000 assets at once
  • Generate reports for any period in time (past, present, or future) without the need to expand the size of the model

Case Study: Advanced Excel Reporting

  • Learn how to build data tables for complex reporting
  • Build pivot tables, manual reports, and dashboards that are guaranteed to tick and tie

Case Study: Advanced Bridge Chart

  • Learn how to build an advanced bridge chart that can cross the horizontal axis from positive to negative, automatically add/delete rows, include multiple bridges in a single chart

Case Study: Automated Variance Chart

  • Learn how to build an automated chart showing budget vs. actuals for multiple items
  • Create advanced features such as negative budgets (credits) and automated chart formatting

Case Study: Gantt Chart

  • Learn how to build a Gantt chart to display project timelines
  • Add advanced features such as critical path calculations, holiday exclusions, and more

Case Study: Intro to VBA

  • Learn to use the macro recorder to create your own custom macros
  • Create simple VBA scripts to refresh all workbook tables, lock and unlock worksheets, loop through multiple worksheets

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