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Zen and the art of spreadsheet modeling

Often times, spreadsheet models are difficult to understand, difficult to explain, and they’re not presentation ready. Use standardization to solve these Excel and modeling problems! This free presentation explains how simple standards can go a long way toward improving the quality of your work and even your own professional brand Read More

Solutions to the Excel Skills Test

Last month we posted a copy of the Excel Skills Test Level 1, and we’ve just posted videos showing sample solutions. You can download a copy of the test from the online store This is an example of a test companies may give job applicants at the Analyst to Manager Read More

Excel Skills Test and Expert Certification

A few clients are in the process of hiring Financial Analysts and Managers, and they asked me what they can do to test the Excel skills of their candidates. While my preferred method would be a take-home business case, a close second would be an Excel skills test I created. You can download Read More

4 reasons why managers need to know modeling

Are your modeling skills as good as they could be? For most of us, the honest answer is “there’s some room for improvement”. It’s not that there’s even anything wrong; it’s just that we know there are things we could do to make our work a little faster, a little Read More