Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: 60 Seconds a Days

February 22, 2016


As the N.B.A. season reached its midpoint with the All-Star game, one of the league’s all-time greatest players is quietly making his farewell tour.  Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers has decided to retire after 20 seasons in the league, 5 N.B.A. championships, 18-time All-Star appearances and 2 Olympic medals.

What does Kobe have to do with Excel keyboard shortcuts? Practice…….


Using keyboard shortcuts has many advantages, the most important being more efficient and quick on spreadsheets. You may potentially save a second or two without having to reach for the mouse. While it may not seem like saving a lot time, but it may add up to much. Also, what I have found is that another advantage of keyboard shortcuts is that it can be quite impressive especially during meetings.

There is one example where I was quickly working through an Excel spreadsheet for a marketing V.P. live during a meeting and after the meeting, he wanted me to develop an Excel training session for his entire organization. Or another example where an executive mentioned that they would need a replacement keyboard for the one I was using because it was “on fire”. In every instance, these comments from other areas of the organization reinforces the fact that the nature of our jobs is to work efficiently and deliver results quickly. It also probably made my bosses smile just a bit on the inside.


Kobe Bryant is known for being one of the hardest workers in the N.B.A. On a regular work out schedule, he counts the number of baskets made and he doesn’t leave until he made 400. Four hundred! In one of his first Olympic workouts where he needed to get back in shape, he shot baskets for 4 hours until he made 800. He practiced with a goal in mind, and by making those repeated baskets, he developed distinct muscle memory for every shot across the floor. He didn’t have to think when he took a shot under pressure.

The same goes with Excel keyboard shortcuts. Try practicing for 60 seconds a day on a few keyboard shortcuts (Alt H, O, I or Alt, W, F, F) and repeat them over and over again for 60 seconds a day. Just like Kobe Bryant and the 400 baskets that he makes during workouts. The more you practice the more muscle memory you’ll gain and the more you’ll increase your speed and accuracy in using Excel Keyboard shortcuts. You might also even impress a few people along the way.


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