Budget model in 3D!

What says “summertime” to you? To me, summer is all about lemonade, swimming pools, 3D movie blockbusters, and of course 3D budget models. As summer comes to an end and we head into Q4, companies across the world are turning their attention to next year’s goals. One of the most popular Read More

How to budget depreciation

Poor depreciation. It just doesn’t get any love during budget season. People will often”80/20″ it by using the prior year’s run rate plus or minus a little bit, or by setting it as a % of sales. However at many companies, depreciation is one of the biggest expenses; trumped only by Read More

The only Excel keyboard shortcut you need to know

Here is another quick tip from my upcoming Excel training series.  

4 reasons why managers need to know modeling

Are your modeling skills as good as they could be? For most of us, the honest answer is “there’s some room for improvement”. It’s not that there’s even anything wrong; it’s just that we know there are things we could do to make our work a little faster, a little Read More

How to build a bridge chart in Excel (video)

Quick Excel Tip: Don’t Use VLookup

This is just a quick tip from my upcoming Excel training video series. This is a comprehensive training seminar I’ve been presenting for the past 7 or 8 years at many different companies. The seminar teaches you how to speed up your Excel skills, how to design complex spreadsheet models, it teaches you Read More