We’ll cross that bridge when we get there…

Adding to our recent budget related posts is everyone’s favorite: the bridge chart! Sometimes called a “waterfall” chart, this chart bridges two different numbers with each step in the bridge being a cause of change.   In this example, we are bridging the Q1 forecast back to budget. Things are looking a Read More

Everybody loves charts!

It’s almost September… summer is coming to a close… Q3 is in the home stretch… and like the swallows returning to Capistrano, we are heading back into budget season. And nothing says “budget season” to me quite like a good, old fashioned variance chart. What’s over budget? What’s under budget? Read More

A Capital Idea!

Ah the ubiquitous NPV model… For an FP&A professional, few projects are as exciting (or as daunting) as this. This is an opportunity to add value, to create, and to drive decision making in the business. But at the same time, the job at hand is not as clear and Read More

Pardon the dust…

Hello! We are in the process of moving the old Applied FP&A site to our new home at www.AppliedFPA.com. New content will be available soon, so please check back.